What’s in a Signature Anyway? EVERYTHING!

I am the queen of distraction and keeping myself busy so as to not be left with a reality that I don’t really want to face. But every now and then, when my guard is completely down, BAM! Reality strikes and I have nothing to do but face it. Or in this case, search every place in my house where I know we keep and store saved birthday, graduations, shower cards, etc. A while back, when I had finally rounded up a large stack of who knows how many cars, I filled them in two boxes and stored them in my daughter’s closet. I laughed at myself and just assumed that I must be a card hoarder. I have never been more thankful of that until I saw this, first thing yesterday morning when I woke up, turn on my night stand light, and saw a card that was given to Vivian on Sunday when we celebrated birthdays:
Simply "John"Of course, the one above is actually the card that I received as well because I immediately went to find the card that he had given me as well.

Funny that I didn’t notice it Sunday. I am certain it is because, just as Sherry stated in her post, everyone stayed busy so as to not feel the emotional affect of the obvious voices and laughs that were missing.

In 35 years of birthdays, two children, a graduation, Easters, Valentine’s Days, etc., this was my first “John”. And it was beautifully heartbreaking. Like, someone forgot to sign their name too. So I felt the need to go and find a birthday card with Cindy’s handwriting. Just to see it again? I don’t know. Who knows. I often chase rabbits…but I was thankful for this one:) Before I quit looking, I found these:

Cards from John and Cindy & Gang:)

Cards from John and Cindy & Gang:)

Birthdays, New baby boy and girl, graduation, wonderful niece, etc.
Birthdays, New baby boy and girl, graduation, wonderful niece, etc.

Gonne miss this bubbly handwriting!
Gonna miss this bubbly handwriting!

So as I sat reminiscing, I thought about how hard this was going to be for my cousins, Uncle, Dad, Aunt Sherry, etc., everytime another holiday or birthday passed. In even pulled up a video that Sherry sent me of her singing Happy Birthday to lil Matthew and played it as if she were singing to me. That and “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”:) HA! And then I wondered if they would do the same.

Even funnier is when my mom called my on my birthday and sang as she always does, when she was finished, I asked her if she would do it again when I got my recording on. And of course, she did. How lucky I am that I got the chance to do that? Of course, it wouldn’t hurt any less if she weren’t here to sing to me, but I can’t help thinking about all the “I’m never gonna hear…” or “we’re never going to do……again” that so many must be going through right now.

I wish I would have kept more cards. I wish I would have gone to more family bdays. I wish we could turn back time and start it all over again, just to relive the days when Cindy and the kiddos would come to Grandma’s house and we’d all watch “Space Camp” and then make a “space shuttle” in the garage afterwards and pretend we were astronauts. Life was so simple and carefree as a child. Too bad I enjoy it from the viewpoint of looking back and didn’t embrace it as much when I was in the present.

But I guess that happens to many of us.

So save your cards. Save letters, pictures, little notes. Heck, even save special messages. You never know when they will be the last ones.


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2 Responses to What’s in a Signature Anyway? EVERYTHING!

  1. Sherry says:

    It’s amazing how endearing the signature or voice of a loved one is to us – speaks to our very soul. I loved hearing Cindy’s voice on the videos at the Celebration…warmed my heart! Went to the visitation of a friend from Church last evening – very sweet lady who became blind as an adult. She never complained – her husband ever attentive and helpful – just as John was to our Cindy. When helping our loved ones, we are the ones who are blessed by the doing. It struck me again that like Linda who can now SEE heaven, our Cindy is now FREE from all of the debilitating horrors she endured – she can walk, run, dance, talk, and laugh. I am thinking she is helping Mother get these men organized – she is certainly surrounded by them from our family alone! Our families still here, earthbound, will continue the legacies of those who are “just ahead.”
    Love you girls – Aunt Sherry

    • Belinda Stastny Henry says:

      Remember too you all are NOT along hold your heads up be Proud what she did for each one of her family the Traditions and Memories she was so Proud to do. Yes it hurts it NEVER NEVER goes away it will always be their it will get BETTER. But though Gods strength and Cindys you will do it Always look up cause she is watching everywhere. We all have experience the hurt of losing a loved one we all are here for the other This BLOG is sooo GREAT I wished my niece had it for her mother (42) my sister when she passed 3 yrs ago…Keep this going..

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